Gradient Transforming are pleased to announce that we have rebranded their Business Systems MOT to be a Business Systems Health Check.

Many of our Transforming prospects and clients often say that whilst they know there are issues with their current business systems and processes, they are unclear about the next steps. Do they set about trying to fix what they have, start a Phase 2 or consider selecting something new?

The Health Check is designed to resolve that dilemma – within a couple of weeks, we can report back with our observations and recommendations.  Our involvement may end there, or you might wish to retain us to help implement any of the recommendations, but that’s always your call.

The Business Systems Health Check can help you quickly take stock of current systems and processes, better understand the underlying issues, and thus build a strong business case for implementing change.

Pete Doyle, Head of Transforming, said, “Initial feedback has been very positive, and we are keen to build momentum as we know how much value this can bring to any business. We also feel that the Health Check name better reflects our service and how it can better support the health of our clients’ business.”

We still have some spare slots over the coming months, so please contact us if this could benefit you and your business.